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bosch ltc 8100 manual

Console Port Expander can be used to add additional console ports to the system. The unit should always be unplugged, instructed to do so.A LTC 8780 Series is required at each satellite site and must be given a unique site address number.Any alarm inputs to the main site which have been programmed to Front Panels: LTC 8300 Series - Top, LTC 8200 Series, LTC 8100 Series - Bottom. Be varies, the following steps are generally required. Be sure to save sure to save the computer reference manual for procedures not the printer reference manual for procedures not covered. It SET - Press SET to record a preset scene at a remote camera site.If the keyboard remains inactive for about five seconds, the camera display will return to default mode and The various system keyboard displays and functions for the LTC again display the camera number. The switcher control keys control the Allegiant switching and SHOT - Press SHOT to call up a preset scene at a remote programming functions.It is crystal controlled and battery is part of the user interface and works at times in conjunction protected for one year minimum without power. This This switch is currently not used and should be left off.This number identifies this camera when using the keyboard for video call- Switch 2 ups. Baud (Note 1) 1200 1200 The 8 priority level user assignments can be changed using the Baud (Note 2) 19,200. Note that the MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR. The camera numbers can number and sequence length, and cell prompts appear in the be in any order;. The SALVO dwell step. A SALVO entry indicates step may be keyed in just as the first. Refer to the AutoDome user manual for complete information. This will then permit cameras for armed alarms to be automatically displayed when an alarm occurs. Key in the desired user function number using the numeric 16.1 General keypad. User functions are keyboard operations which are used infrequently and do not demand their own keys. The various Press ENTER.

Press ENTER to store and change all system monitor displays to 16.1.19 User Function 18 - Print Sequence this position. Press the ENTER key to make your selection system is possible. active. When enabled, cameras which have been identified as controllable (via User Function 35 or via the optional PC 16.1.29 User Function 28 - Select Console Log-in software package) will show a “?”. The camera number entered from the keyboard does not exist.Check operation of known good camera AUXILIARY - An auxiliary is an additional function of the directly to monitor.The Allegiant system 23.1 Satellite Systems can store up to 60 separate sequences, with each one capable of A satellite system configuration is usually used for a large having a random camera order, individual camera dwell times, distributed type of system. The software will automatically determine Trunk usage LTC 8200 Series depending upon the priority level of operators currently viewing satellite cameras. Press the SHOT key, then MANUAL CAMERA SWITCHING select a previously stored camera position number using the (To view another camera) Refer to the the Allegiant’s CONSOLE port to an external PC uses the appropriate specification sheet for cable gage, number of following pinouts: conductors required, and maximum distances allowable. Philips is a registered trademark of Philips Electronics N. A. Corp. Data subject to change without notice. The Allegiant accessory products provide many optional. System. Various accessory products are available,In addition to Allegiant accessories, this data sheet alsoIn some cases, complete information for a product isAccessory Items. LTC 8563 Series. LTC 8564 Series. LTC 8566 Series. LTC 8569 Series. Code Merger Units. LTC 8570 Series. LTC 8571 Series. LTC 8572 Series. LTC 8770 Series. Relay Units. LTC 8712 Series. Console Port Expander Units. LTC 8713 Series. Alarm Port Expanders. LTC 8714 Series. Keyboard Port Expanders. LTC 8715 Series. LTC 8780 Series. Data Converter Units.

LTC 8781 Series. Description. LTC 8782 Series. Code Translator Units. Keyboard. LTC 8785 Series. Code Converter Units. LTC 8555 Series. LTC 8786 Series. Keyboard Extension Cable. Bilinx Data Interface Unit. LTC 8557 Series. Keyboard Extension Kits. Signal Distribution Unit. Video Interconnect Panel. LTC 8809 Series. Ribbon Cables. Alarm Interface Unit. Cable, PC-to-Console Port. AutoDome Series. PTZ Cameras. Ribbon to BNC Interface Cable. LTC 8560 Series. LTC 8561 Series. LTC 8562 Series. Model No. IntuiKey SeriesTechnical Specifications. General Specifications. Application. Master Control Software. Graphical User Interface. EnvironmentalNote: Specifications for electronic hardware products are noted below unless otherwise specified in applicable accessory section. Certifications and Approvals. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Complies with FCC Part 15, ICES-003 and CE regulations. Product Safety. Complies with CE regulations, UL, CSA, EN and IEC Standards. Temperature. Operating. HumidityShock. AltitudeIntuiKey Keyboard. The IntuiKey KBD-Universal is a full function keyboardIn addition toDVRs, System4 Series multiplexers, and access ADIMThe optional PC based KBD-SFTCFG software packageThe optional KBD-RACK rack-mounting kit is designed toRefer to the IntuiKey Series data sheet for completeLTC 8555 Series Keyboards. The LTC 8555 Series are compact, full functionLED readouts display real time system statusThe keyboards areModel Number. Top Bezel Graphics. Communication Protocol. EnglishSeries systems. Operating VoltageKeyboard Extension Kit). Signal. Operating VoltagePowerConnectors. Mechanical. High impact plastic case with charcoal color. DimensionsWeightElectrical. PowerInput. Outputs. Sixteen, 6-contact removable screw terminal blocks forMechanical. Charcoal colored metal enclosure. LTC 8557 Series Keyboard Extension Kits. DimensionsIntegral mounting flanges for EIA 48 cm (19 in.) rack. WeightInterface kit used to remote IntuiKey Series or LTC 8555.

Series keyboards up to 1.5 km (5000 ft) away from main. CPU bay. Customer supplied 0.5 mm2 (24 AWG)Kit provides two junction boxes, interface cable, andElectrical. Rated Voltage1. Voltage Range. PowerIndicators. Junction box mounted power LED. Connectors. One (1), 4-position screw terminal block. One (1), 6-contactMechanical. Surface mountable, flat black painted metal enclosure. DimensionsWeightMain site Bi-Phase control code distribution and lineAllegiant satellite systems. The unit provides 32Either “star” or “daisy chain” wiring configurations mayNot applicable to the. LTC 8100, LTC 8200, and the LTC 8300 Series systems. Unit accepts up to 64 contact closures or logic levelAlarm inputsA two meter (6 ft) interface cableElectrical. Operating VoltagePowerPowerLED; audible tone. Alarm Inputs. Sixty-four (64); Twenty 6-contact removable screw terminal blocksAlarm Outputs. Eight (8) relay outputs (100 VDC, 0.5 A, 10 W); Four (4),One 9-pin Sub D connector. WeightAutoDome Series. The AutoDome Series of cameras integrates high-speedSupplied in anRefer to the chart below for specificSatellite systems. The LTC 8569, LTC 8570 SeriesTwo data cables forUnit will accept signal input either from Allegiant mainSeries or LTC 8571, LTC 8572 Series unit. Multiple unitsElectrical. Rated Voltage. PowerPowerInputs. Two (2), 9-pin Sub D connectors (four (4) with LTC 8570 SeriesOutputs. Sixteen (32 on LTC 8571 and LTC 8572 Series) 6-contact removable screw terminal blocks for code output. Maximum transmission distance is 1.5 km (5000 ft.) using 1 mm2 (18 AWG)AC InputModel. Features. Input Voltage. BasicDimensionsWeightMechanical. BasicFullLTC 8770 receives Bi-Phase control signals and opens orLTC 8569, LTC 8570, LTC 8571, LTC 8572 Series Code. Merger Units. Control code merger and line driver units used toMechanical. Electrical. PowerPower and data transmission activity displayed using LEDs. Device number or logical relay number indicated by a 4-positionConnectors. Inputs.

One (1), 3-pin removable screw terminal connector, located onOutputs. Four (4), 12-pin removable screw terminal connectors locatedAC InputSteel chassis with sheet metal cover and plasticDimensionsWeightOptional Rack Mount Kit. LTC 8713 Series Alarm Port Expander. Steel chassis with sheet metal cover and plasticDimensionsWeightThe LTC 8713 Series interfaces to a LTC 8500, LTC 8600. LTC 8800, or LTC 8900 Series alarm port to permitA single LTC 8713 series alarmThe actual number ofA separate 12 VAC or DC. Optional Rack Mount Kit. Alarm Capacities. LTC 8712 Series CONSOLE Port Expanders. The LTC 8712 Series “expands” an Allegiant system's. CONSOLE port to permit up to 4 external computingCONSOLE port can be used with these port expanders. The external devices can consist of PCs running the. Allegiant system's Master Control Software package, the. Allegiant Graphical User Interface (GUI), access controlConsole Language (CCL). The LTC 8712 Series can beLTC 8600, LTC 8800, or LTC 8900 Series systemsElectrical. One (1), 9-pin Sub D connector; provides RS-232 interface to. Allegiant bay. Two-meter (6-ft) interconnect cable to main bayOutputs. Four (4), 9-pin Sub D connectors for RS-232 interface to up toAC InputAllegiant Model No. Maximum No. of. Alarms. Maximum No. ofModel No. One (1), 9-pin Sub D connector; provides RS-232 interface toOutputs. Four (4), non-powered, 9-pin Sub D connectors for RS?232A separate 12 VAC or DC, 8 W. AC InputMechanical. Steel chassis with sheet metal cover and plasticDimensionsWeightOptional Rack Mount KitLTC 8714 Series and LTC 8715 Series Keyboard Port. Expanders. The LTC 8714 Series and the LTC 8715 Series are portSeries Allegiant systems. A single LTC 8714 Series unitAllegiant System Capacities. Allegiant Model. No. Maximum No. of. Keyboards. Maximum No. ofLTC 8714 and. LTC 8715 port expanders can only be used on LTC 8600. LTC 8800, and LTC 8900 systems containing CPUElectrical. CPU bay and data interface for up to four LTC 8714.

Series units. Two-meter (6-ft) interconnect cable forAC Input: 3-wire power cord with grounded plug; 1.8 mMechanical. Steel chassis with sheet metal cover and plasticDimensionsWeightOptional Rack Mount Kit. LTC 8780 Series Data Converter Units. The LTC 8780 Series are accessory units that convert the. Allegiant system's Bi-Phase control code into RS-232, orThis providesDistribution unit, or an output from a LTC 8569. LTC 8570 Series or LTC 8571, LTC 8572 Series Code. Merger unit. The LTC 8780 Series are also designed to perform the. Satellite selector functions in an Allegiant SatelliteIn addition, using its integralRefer to separate datasheet for complete specifications. LTC 8714 Series Connectors. Interface Data Port: One (1), 9-pin Sub D connectorCPU bay or to expansion port of LTC 8715 Series. Twometer (6-ft) interconnect cable supplied. Keyboard Data. Ports: Eight (8), 6-contact non-powered Allegiant seriesAn LTC 8557 SeriesLTC 8555 series keyboard to be interfaced to LTC 8714. Series. For the IntuiKey Series keyboards, a separateThe LTC 8781 Series are accessory units that decode theKTS-53-16), which are designed to be synchronized viaLTC 8715 Series Connectors. LTC 8782 Series Code Translator Units. Interface Data Ports: Five (5), 9-pin, Sub D connectorsThe LTC 8782 Series Code Translators are accessoryBi-Phase. Many of the most popular protocol codes areSensormatic, Kalatel, Diamond Electronics, and Javelin. Fixed and variable speed codes are supported whereThe LTC 8782 Series Code Translators have fourEIA 48 cm (19 in.) rack-mount adapter that can hold upRefer to the LTC 8782 series data sheet for completeLTC 8785 Series Code Converters. LTC 8785 Series units are designed for use in very old. Allegiant systems that have been upgraded to support. The LTC 8785AutoDome series of PTZ cameras. The LTC 8785 receivesElectrical. One (1), 9-pin Sub D connector. Sixteen (16), 6-contact removable screw terminal blocks forAC InputMechanical.

DimensionsIntegral mounting flanges for EIA 22.86 cm (9 in.) rack. WeightLTC 8786 Data Converter Series. The LTC 8786 Series of data converters are designed to. Control Code Protocol” into Allegiant Bi-Phase controlEither “star” or “daisyRefer to the LTC 8786 series datasheet for completeSeries cameras. Compatible with all seven AllegiantSeries cameras. In addition, complete programming of. Dinion Series cameras and AutoDomes via their onscreen menus is supported. Bilinx technology also supports camera-generated eventThis allows remote alarmIn addition, the LTC 8016 is designed so that other BiPhase code generating products, like Bosch Digital. Videos Recorders, can be used with the unit for controlThe LTC 8016 is supplied in an enclosure compatibleTo support large systems, up toThe LTC 8016 can also be used to transmit BilinxLTC 8200, LTC 8300 Series, LTC 8600 Series, andLTC 8800 Series systems the ability of looping up to 32This 'patch' panel contains 32. BNC connectors on its front panel for external videoSeries, and LTC 8800 Series equipment bays. Charcoal painted metal. Size. One standard EIA 48 cm (19 in.) rack unit high and one unitWeightLTC 8059 Master Control Software and the LTC 8850. Allegiant GUI packages. Length: 3 m (10 ft), approximately.Typical products with 34-pinLength: 1 m (3 ft), approximatelyFor example, the ribbon cables from up to two LTC 8016This configurationWith the Master Control Software (MCS), users can setUsers can also viewThe MCS is compatible with all current versions of the. Typically, the MCS communicates with the AllegiantEarlier versions of Allegiant systems may be upgraded toContact your. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Sales Representative or. Technical Support Representative for details.LTC 8809 Series Video Ribbon Cables. The LTC 8809 series are 16-channel video ribbon cablesModel Number. LengthEach cable contains a 34-pin connector at each end thatLTC 8900 series matrix switchers.

In addition, theseSub D-connectors on each end that is used to connectCom port. This cable is included in the AllegiantPorts Required (Minimum)Software Includes:LTC 8850 Windows Based Allegiant Software. The LTC 8850 Graphical User Interface (GUI) softwareWith a mouse click on an icon, operators can easily takeSystem Administrators can easily call up the includedCommunication between the GUI workstations and an. Allegiant system can be made using an RS-232 link, orNote. Additional serial ports required if multiple systemsSVGA display or compatible display. Mouse, trackball, or touch screen pointing device. Note: For a live video display on the PCDigitizer Card must be used. The FlashBus. MV Lite, supplied by Integral Technologies. Inc., may be used. For availability, and yourTechnologies, Inc. at 317-845-9242 orSoftware Includes:Refer to the LTC 8850 series datasheet for completeADIM DVR Interface Software. ADIM is a powerful security and surveillance solutionIntuiKey keyboard to control all cameras, monitors andReviewing an event has never been easier. The push ofFurthermore, Bosch DVRs canADIM is a rugged, reliable, andFor added security. ADIM provides automatic switchover to backup digitalIn addition, ADIM logs eventsRefer to the ADIM datasheet for completeSFT-INTSRV Allegiant Integration Software. The SFT-INTSRV software CD contains three distinctIntegration Server. The Integration Server is a versatile software packageThese systems can includeDevices can be interfaced using any of 3 differentLTC 8059 Master Control Software program. The Integration Server software is programmed toIt then reacts to thoseSecurity DongleVirtual Allegiant Satellite Application Software. VASA (Virtual Allegiant Satellite Application) is Bosch’sVASA acts as the integration bridge between an existing. Allegiant and the new digital based CCTV system (theVASA supports the Allegiant LTC 8100 through the. LTC 8900 Series matrix switchers.

In addition to PTZVASA improves the ROI on existing capital assets,Security DongleTo ensure optimal performance, a dedicated PC isRefer to the VASA datasheet for complete specifications. Allegiant Satellite SDK. The Allegiant Satellite Software Development Kit (SDK)Since the SDK can be used to create customizedFor the thousands of existing Allegiant customers, it alsoWhen operating in an Allegiant satellite systemAllegiant satellite matrix. Using the SDK, the videoThe level of integration available with the SDK results inOperators continueThis type of solution improves the return of investmentThe SDK is compatible with all models of the Allegiant. Series switchers. In addition to video switchingThe SDK is supplied with five (5) sample applications.Refer to the Allegiant Satellite SDK datasheet forOrdering Information. Ordering InformationOrdering InformationVAC, 50 HzPC-to-Console port, for Allegiant SystemsVAC, 50 HzPackageAmericas. Bosch Security SystemsFairport, New York, 14450, USABosch Security Systems B.V. P.O. Box 80002Asia-Pacific. Bosch Security Systems Pte LtdSingapore 577180Represented by. These systems provide from 8 camera inputs, 2 monitor outputs to 32 camera inputs, 6 monitor outputs, 2 to 4 keyboards, 8 to 32 direct connect alarm input points, an integral signal distribution unit, and a computer interface port. A logging printer port is available in the LTC 8300 Series system Must be a reseller to purchase this product This part has been discontinued by the supplier. Orders received during non-business days are processed on the next business day. We are also not able to ship to Post Office Box addresses.For products that will be shipped via LTL, you will be provided with a set of Accessorials to select from to provide Anixter with additional shipping considerations, such as residential delivery, inside delivery, liftgate or limited access. An elevator must be available to provide service to floors above or below the trailer. December 2004.

Sie wird quarzgesteuert, ist 24 Zeichen Texteinblendung besteht. Monitor 1 ist dabei der. MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR Alarmstatus Alarmanzeige 1. Alarm Das Bild zum ersten Alarm wird auf einem oder allen entsprechend aktivierten Monitoren angezeigt. AUS, um die Moitorsperre rechts wird die Kamera diagonal nach rechts oben aufzuheben. Wenn der zu sperrende Moitor nicht gerichtet. Benutzerfunktionen sind selten eingesetzte Tastatureingaben, die jedoch wichtige Systemoptionen zur 2. December 2004. December 2004. Windows ist eine eingetragene Marke der Microsoft Corporation. Bilinx, Allegiant, AutoDome, SalvoSwitching, and StatelliteSwitch are registered by Bosch Security Systems, Inc.Registrieren Sie sich jetzt. It comes in a compact single bay construction. Programmable with up to 60 sequences that can use SalvoSwitching, which allows any number of selected system monitors to switch as a group. The sequences can run independently in either forward or reverse direction. Any Allegiant model can serve as a master or a remote Satellite switcher that allows design of a distributed matrix video switching system to be centrally controlled at one location, and individually controlled at the local sites. Using an external contact closure or logic level, any camera can be automatically activated by the built-in alarm interface capability that can be set to display a 16 character alarm title instead of the camera title during alarm conditions. It includes a black outlined 48-character OSD (On-screen Display) for camera number, camera ID, (16-characters), time-date, an icon to identify controllable cameras, monitor (12-characters), status information, and over 235 characters for programming camera ID and monitor titles.

Spreadsheet format allows you to program camera sequences, install lockouts, enter camera and monitor titles, program of operator names and priorities, 64 timed event actions, change system parameters, and access the advanced alarm handling screens. The programmed information may then be stored on the Allegiant system or a disk, or printed out directly from a printer connected to the PC. It also provides the ability to enable an onscreen indicator for identifying controllable cameras. Providing powerful macro capabilities, it allows macros to be activated using system time event functions, alarm activations, Allegiant Series keyboards, and via special function icons. Includes a black outlined 48-character on-screen display for camera number, camera ID, (16-characters), time-date, an icon to identify controllable cameras, monitor (12-characters), status information, and over 235 characters for programming camera ID and monitor titles. Let us know YOUR RECENTLY VIEWED ITEMS Browsing History ON Clear History Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors.